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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance


To keep your hearing aid working effectively, it’s important to clean it regularly.  Make sure your hands are clean before gently wiping the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth.  Never use cleaning fluid, alcohol or water, since these can damage your hearing device.

Some common tools available to clean your hearing aid are:

  • Hearing aid cleaning brush – used to clean the device’s body, faceplate or sound port.
  • Ear hook, wax pick, and wire loop – removes wax and waste from holes and crevices in the hearing aid.
  • MultiTool – a versatile tool which provides all the above options in 1 device. It’s usually made up of a wire loop, cleaning brush, and magnetic end.

Talk to your hearing care specialist to find out which cleaning tools are best for your hearing aid model.


Over time, it’s not uncommon for your hearing aid to need a repair.  With daily use, parts may stop working or become lose (even with proper care). If you experience any problems, you should take your hearing aid to your hearing clinic for a repair.

The specialists are properly trained to diagnose any issues and can do minor repairs in the office.  If it’s a major problem, your hearing aid may have to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.  Check your manufacturer for their warranty policies on repairs.