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245 Business Center Dr.
Pawleys Island SC 29585
Phone: (843) 979-3888
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Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

Bluetooth technology is used to make it easier for users with hearing aids to link their devices directly to the sound source for improved sound quality and convenience.

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Do you have trouble hearing on the telephone? You can now read every word of any phone call with CaptionCall. The big, easy-to-read monitor shows easily written captions of what your callers are saying. Which means you can get more out of your phone calls, and out of life.

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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron provides an outstanding customer experience with a focus on respected personal service to our hearing healthcare professional partners. Unitron delivers the hearing technology you need to make a difference in your everyday communication.

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Widex Hearing Aids

At Widex, we combine years of understanding with a natural curiosity in finding solutions to individual hearing loss. Our uncompromising approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as our own revolutionary wireless technology.


Rechargeable Hearing Aids

You can now buy rechargeable hearing aids that last all day. Check out our high-quality rechargeable hearing aids at a price that suits your needs!

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Signia Hearing Products

Signia offers a wide range of hearing aids for all lifestyles and hearing loss levels, whether you need something discreet, waterproof or rechargeable. Signia also has a full line of wireless products that connect hearing aids to your favorite devices so that you can stream the content you want.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than a provider of hearing aids. They are trying to bring people together and change lives through technology and sound. Hearing is essential to the human experience, why is why they offer the devices you need to hear your best.

resound logos

ReSound Hearing Products

ReSound provides excellent sound by producing the solutions you need to merge your daily life with the other technologies you love. With a range of powerful devices to choose from, ReSound offers a device every individual at any hearing level can benefit from.

sonic logo

Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations is a U.S. based manufacturer of hearing care solutions who envisions a world where all people can enjoy the sounds of everyday life and where lives are improved through enhanced hearing.

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Phonak Hearing Products

The mission of Phonak is to improve the quality of life of hearing loss sufferers. Phonak leads the industry with innovative speech comprehension technology. They provide the creative solutions you need to easily communicate in a technologically-advanced society.