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Hearing Aid Accessories


T.V. Headsets can help you better comprehend speech on television without the distraction of background noise.  You can optimize the volume and sound tone to your liking without worrying if it’s distracting others.  Wireless T.V. Headsets also allow you to listen to your favorite TV programs while doing another activity, such as cooking.  This gives you more control and flexibility with your time. 

Depending on the type and model, T.V. headsets can vary in range, anywhere from 33 to 328 feet. Other features include audio processing and voice clarification circuitry for clear hearing performance. Before buying a headset, make sure its compatible with your television, because some headset models aren’t compatible with plasma and LCD TVs.


Ear pieces for your cell phone allow you to communicate with others on the phone without nearby sounds disturbing your call. They help to improve sound quality of the hearing aid while reducing outside noise.

Ear pieces can be customized for your ear giving you added comfort and convenience.  You don’t have to worry about it falling out while on calls or doing daily activities.


Assistive listening devices enhance your hearing aid’s performance in everyday situations, such as at home, school and work.  They help reduce problems such as background noise by filtering it out before it reaches your hearing aid.

Some assistive listening devices include:

  • Amplified phones for improved phone conversations
  • Television, so you can enjoy the full movie experience without disturbing others
  • Personal Listening Systems are ideal for social situations, helping reduce background noise and amplify speech
  • Alarm Clocks, which include flashing lamps or bed shakers so you will always wake up on time
  • Bluetooth technology, so you can connect with other devices giving you more freedom and flexibility