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a hearing aid held in a hand

What is Wireless Connectivity in Hearing Aids?

Experiencing hearing loss is not as bad as it sounds, but many people feel self-conscious or embarrassed about not being able to hear certain things such as the TV or the phone. Many people do not seek help for their hearing loss, and live in silence despite all the help available. Hearing loss is very […]

a hearing loss patient being fitted for new hearing aids

Which are the Best Hearing Aids for Severe Loss of Hearing?

There are several different levels of hearing loss. Some people have a mild form of the condition that prevents them from hearing whispers or the sound of birdsong unassisted. Others have a more severe type that stops them from hearing loud noises and, sometimes, anything at all.  The hearing aid that is best for you […]

hearing aids

How to Select the Right Hearing Aid for Your Needs

If you are trying to select the right kind of hearing aid for you or a loved one, then you are going to have many variables to consider. Selecting the right hearing aid is not an easy task, but if you do the right amount of research and consult your audiologist, then you are going […]