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Hearing Health Blog

a woman experiencing ear discomfort

What Causes Tinnitus in Both Ears?

We all experience tinnitus at some time or another. Most of the time it occurs when we move from a location that’s very noisy like a concert, a noisy bar or a nightclub to somewhere with much less ambient noise like a quiet street or an empty home. It usually presents as a ringing, humming […]

a man being fitted for hearing aids

What Is the Hearing Aid Fitting Process?

Hearing loss is a problem millions of Americans deal with regularly. Because natural remedies don’t work one-hundred percent of the time, the next option is to turn to a hearing aid. As a hearing instrument specialist, we want you to know about hearing aid fittings so that you can regain the use of one of […]

hearing aids

How to Select the Right Hearing Aid for Your Needs

If you are trying to select the right kind of hearing aid for you or a loved one, then you are going to have many variables to consider. Selecting the right hearing aid is not an easy task, but if you do the right amount of research and consult your audiologist, then you are going […]