Our Team

Our team at Coastal Hearing Center.

Richard L. Steighner (M.A., CCC-A, F.A.A.A., MBA)

Richard L Steighner is the owner/founder of Coastal Hearing Center. Rick
has over 40 years experience with audiology. Throughout his many years in
the field, Rick has always received the most satisfaction working directly
with patients. There have been so many break through in helping hear
better Rick has dedicated his focus to working with as many people as
possible to bring them to new levels of better hearing.

Reanna M. Campbell (Audiologist Assistant)

I was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina. My family decided to move to the Myrtle Beach area in 2010. Two of my brothers are United States Marines. Needless to say, I am one proud sister! Since we moved to the area I have worked in all different medical settings. I began working for Rick here at Coastal Hearing Center at the beginning of 2015. It is fascinating to me to see just how important hearing health care is, and how it affects thousands of people right here in our community. I strive every day to teach and educate people on how important your hearing really is. I know working with Rick and his extensive knowledge we can all come together and spread the word.

Jessica L. Martin (Audiology Assistant)

Jessica works with the Audiologist and staff to assist patients with their hearing healthcare
needs. Jessica has extensive experience in working with people and, in her
own words, "Loves the fact that she can change peoples lives and help them
enjoy family, friends, and a multitude of activities"

Kaly M. Hilliard (Front Office Provider)

Kaly is excited to be part of the Coastal Hearing Center team and loves
her position as front office provider. She works closely with all patients
helping them schedule and answers a variety of questions getting them to
the right person in the office.

Margaret Heil (Audiologist)

Margaret is a new audiologist to Coastal Hearing Center and has 26 years
of experience with Audiology, She has worked in a variety of environments
including private practice, educational , and hospital environments. She
has experience in all levels of audiology and loves helping her patients
reach new levels of hearing.